About us

The Institute of alternative history and archaeology – an organization created with the purpose of studying the “strange” artifacts that do not fit into the modern picture of the world, within a historical framework. Comparison of “strange” artifacts from mythology. The creation of new historical knowledge based on the analysis of alternative archaeological data. It is important to understand that alternative ancient artifacts, whether strange statues depicting strange creatures cave paintings depicting beings of stone with traces of machining associated with the development of ideas and of spiritual life, unknown to us, and belong to the distant historical epoch that Rene Guenon called “the dark area of the background”.

Goals and objective

The search for and study of traces of antediluvian advanced civilization:

  • Traces of machine technologies
  • Cyclopean buildings
  • Traces of the flood
  • The study of strange artifacts

A comprehensive analysis of the global themes of ancient mythology:

  • The origin of man
  • The origin of the universe
  • Gaining knowledge from the gods
  • War of the gods
  • The flood

Identifying ancient sacred knowledge about the universe and human nature:

  • Human evolution
  • The evolution of consciousness
  • Sacred geometry
  • Physics of the universe
  • Ancient symbolism

The practical application of ancient knowledge to modern technology:

  • Ancient physics
  • The theory of ether
  • The energy of the zero point
  • Antigravity

The creation of new historical knowledge:

  • A new look at archaeological culture
  • A new look at the archaeology
  • Archaeological culture of ancient advanced civilization
  • The historicity of ancient mythology
  • The development of the ideas of the school Sklyarov A. Y.